Gallery: Donald

Name: Donald
Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Donald is a meankitty

I'm in the mood for a tap water bender. Hook me up, human!

What makes Donald so mean?

This is Donald, he has always been mean.

I adopted him from the Humane Society seven years ago. His name was Donnie and he was just little. When I brought him home, he hid under our futon for hours, no matter how much coaxing we used. I put some food out for him in the kitchen and waited for him to get hungry enough to come out. Eventually, he managed to find his way to the dish, but couldn’t quite figure out how to chew his new food. He howled all night out of hunger, crumbling the kibble in his teeth only to have it fall from his mouth to the floor. I called the Veterinary Hospital and they told me he’d figure it out if he was really that hungry. Sure enough, the next evening he was eating and never wanted to stop!

His new infatuation with eating sparked an insatiable urge to have food at all times. No food in the bowl? He’d find the bag and rip it open, drag it out of the cupboard and indulge himself. No food in the house? He’d howl for hours until we went out to buy some. Oh, is it 3:00 am? I guess it is feeding time. He’d claw at our faces, our doors, feet and blinds until we’d get out of bed, any time his dish ran empty. When we feed him, he views the other cats as competition and will shove them over to get at the food first.

The tyrant doesn’t stop at food; he soon started up with the water. Refusing to drink from his fresh water dish I set out each morning, he insists we turn the tap on in the sink or bathtub. He isn’t polite about it either. He’ll barge into the bathroom if we dare close the door. He’ll lay in the sink until it is put to use and insist on having us leave the tap on for him. He will meow obnoxiously in our faces if we attempt to ignore him in the least. He will drink so much cold tap water in one sitting that he’ll end up puking all over the floors. He doesn’t just care for the tap either, no no. He must knock all glasses with water over, no matter where they are or how much water is in them. It will end up on the floor. Anything but the water dish.

Donald is a meankitty for real

Which meow did you not understand? Hook. Me. Up. With. The. Sauce!!!

He isn’t such a bad cat, just obsessive compulsive about his food and water. He is the King of the bathroom and kitchen.

Submitted by: Hailie


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