Gallery: Gilbert

Name: Gilbert
Location: Provo, UT

Gilbert is a meankitty

What's eating my eyeball? I mean, my grape? Eyeballs are rather tasty, as I've discovered....

What makes Gilbert so mean?

I have a seriously mean kitty! Gilbert adopted us from the humane society the day before Thanksgiving last year. I say adopted up because we walked by his cage and he yowled, stuck his paw out of the bars and snagged my husband’s coat. It seemed cute at the time; in retrospect this might have been a warning.

We got him home and all was well for a few days. At this point Gilbert decided he had made a good first impression and dropped the cutekitty charade. As my husband played with him on the floor one uneventful Sunday morning Gilbert went from playful to psycho in .2 seconds and hooked his claw into my husband’s EYEBALL! As my husband’s eyeball was bleeding with the outer layer severed, we dashed to the emergency room. {Meankitty wants to know: how could he see to dash?] We waited for four hours and were charged close to $500 dollars. When we returned, Gilbert showed no sign of remorse and instead yowled at us for not refilling his food bowl before leaving. We refilled the foodbowl, looked at each other, and admitted defeat. But I now realize that we are not alone in being owned by meankitties.

Meankitty’s second note: we omitted the photos of the bloody eyeball.

Photo submitted by: Cyndi


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