Gallery: Ferdinand

Name: Ferdinand
Location: Sydney

Ferdinand in a box

My past life was rough, man. What can I say?

What makes Ferdinand so mean?

Ferdinand started out life as a sweet darling kitten (we think). By 8 weeks old, he had learned the ways of a MeanKitty!

Being a somewhat large cat (he weighs approx 24lbs and is not fat) he loves to throw his weight around. Ferd’s favourite trick is to be really nice, sit on you, pretend to love you…only to turn around once you feel comfy and chew your hand until you can extricate yourself with the maximum amount of bloodshed.

Our dog Stella is so frightened of Ferd that she will sit and not move in case she invites Ferd’s wrath (and claws) near her. She won’t come in the house or leave it if Ferd is anywhere near the door.

Ferd uses my legs as his scratching post and chew toy, especially if he thinks he is deserving of something or you did something to him in a past life. He makes the most of his voice by sitting in the bathtub to yell. He swipes things off the kitchen bench while having his back feet still on the ground. He absolutely hates my mother and refuses to let her into the house. His usual reaction to other people is to bite and run.

Submitted by: Katy


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