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Gallery: Chewbacca

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Name: Chewbacca
Location: Kashyyk

GrrAarrrrrrw.What makes Chewy so mean?

Chewy was a stray, but we’re slowly beginning to civilize him. “Chewy” is short for “Chewbacca”, in reference to the fact that he is ugly, hairy, and makes noises like a wookie. He takes no sass from man or beast. He hangs out with raccoons, probably drinking Jack Daniels from the bottle and smoking unfiltered cigarettes. In his spare time Chewy likes sitting in boxes, cupboards and the bath tub.

Chewy has very strict ideas about some things. He doesn’t approve of us talking on the phone or vacuuming the house, and when we do he protests. He also doesn’t approve of daytime naps and will prevent them if possible. Only on rare occasions will he show his sensitive side and ask to be petted, usually early in the morning.

Submitted by: Zach