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Gallery: Phaedra

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

Name: Phaedra
Location: Chicago

Phaedra is a meankitty.

It's your taste in literature I object to. Where's Tailchaser's song? Or Bad Kitty Vs. Uncle Murray?

What makes Phaedra so mean?

This is Phaedra [aka Badness, Uppity-ass Cat, Filth]. Born somewhere in the swampy, swampy south, this cat is living proof that one can remove the cat from the swamp but not the swamp from the cat.

From her alligator ancestors, she has inherited stealth, speed, and a vise-like chomp. Her one weakness is falling asleep on her back with paws in the air, so that anyone around finds her tummy irresistible. The fools.

When she is awake, she will systematically clear books from their shelves, beginning at the bottom. Once the previous shelf has been cleared, she will hop into it, reach up to the next, and continue the siege. After the second or third shelf, she retire to the pile of books she created on the floor and snack on dust jackets. She will not admit it publicly, but she loves to be brushed.

Phaedra is so mean

The human appears to be upright. Countdown from 10 and I will level him!

Phaedra is quite jealous of attention lavished on anyone/thing but her and will lash out by leaping upon a table or shelf and destroying whatever she finds there. Her favorite pastimes are eating things she finds on the floor, leveling anything upright, and tormenting tree-dwelling rodents from the comfort of her apartment window sill.

Submitted by: Nicoletta


Gallery: Pesto

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

Name: Pesto
Location: Belgium

Pesto is a meankitty

Don't move the map or you'll find the location of the temporal displacement I've been using to force George Lucas to keep tweaking Star Wars. Noooooooooooooo!

What makes Pesto so mean?

Here’s one of my meanest cats. His name is Pesto and we live in Belgium. Pesto is a pest. Oh! Get it? Never lets you have a peaceful moment. In this picture he’s looking very mad at something and is actually trying to tell us with his eyes: “Don’t take one of this maps or……”.

Submitted by: Britt


Gallery: Pepsi

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Name: Pepsi
Location: England

Pepsi is a meankitty.

Lean a little closer and I'll show you how I "only" injured my nose jumping out that window.

What makes Pepsi so mean?

When its cold and the fire ain’t on, Pepsi comes and sits on my lap (it’s cold in England) around November. He is fat and lazy, sleeps 23 hrs a day only to get up to eat and poop. He clawed a brand new sofa. He also got stuck in a newly tiled roof and all the roofing tiles had to taken off. Another thing he did was jump out of a second story window face first onto an old plastic digger. He only injured his nose. Not bad for an old fat cat (he’s 14 yrs old in human years).

Please put him on the web site cuz he’s wicked.

Submitted by: Hopper