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Meankitty.com » Blog Archive » Gallery: Mugen

Gallery: Mugen

Name: Mugen
Location: Unknown

Mugen is a meankitty

This is my "things to put in my waterbowl" list. Excuse me while I cross off "your patience."

What makes Mugen so mean?

This is Mugen. He is a 7 month-old cat demon. He destroys EVERYTHING. He thinks its a good idea to steal my hair bands and put them in his water bowl. He doesn’t play with them either. I’ve seen him. He just takes it from the bathroom and carries it directly to his water bowl and drops it in. He also carries his kitty bed with him wherever it is that he wants to sleep.

He attacks my 4 year old cat Misha (not an angel herself, I might add) and does not hold back. He climbs everywhere and knocks everything over. He comes up to my ear at night and meows loudly so that I will wake up and pet him. His night crazies last from about 9 pm to 9 am. He tries to eat my hair. He seems cute but the minute you try to pet him, he attacks. Moving under the covers? Nah uh…bad idea. Guess who’s ready to pounce on you and destroy your toes?

Mugen is very mean

Quit holding me back! I want a hair snack!

I have never met a cat like him, and although he drives me INSANE and makes it near impossible to maintain a decent looking home…I love him to death.

Submitted by: Leslie


2 Responses to “Gallery: Mugen”

  1. Rae says:

    I have a 5 month old kitten, Pig, who is EXACTLY the same as this cat. Except he actually plays with my hair ties, and crawls into bed at night and rips at my scalp and hair until he tears them out.

  2. Meankitty says:

    Maybe you could interest Pig in some hair ties of his own? Just fling some Scuuni style hair bands around your bed and maybe he’ll leave the one in your hair alone!

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