Gallery: Kimba

Name: Kimba
Location: England

Kimba is a meankitty

The red on my head is human blood. Doesn't it look striking against my white fur?

What makes Kimba so mean?

Kimba is a mean kitty because he likes to randomly attack people who wander in his area of the house. After getting declawed, he has decided that teeth are all you really need anyway and claws would just be overkill.

Note: Meankitty and her slave do not advocate the declawing of cats, so don’t bother to send us whiny hate mail–either pro OR con–or we’ll probably mock you on the advice page.

Submitted by: Joanne


One Response to “Gallery: Kimba”

  1. Marilia says:

    Hi Kimba!
    I love white fluffy cats!!!