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Meankitty.com » Blog Archive » Gallery: Bernadette

Gallery: Bernadette

Name: Bernadette
Location: Martinez, CA

Bernadette is a meankitty

Here is one of my many faces for your enjoyment. I call it the "Back Off".

What makes Bernadette so mean?

This is Bernadette. When she gets especially cranky I call her “Princess Bernadette,” which *sometimes* puts her in a better mood.

Princess Bernadette (she’s in a very cranky mood right now) is 14 years young and feistier than ever.

Bernadette is a mean meankitty

Face 2, the deceptively innocent "Bath Face", is my primary method for collecting hairball materials. Hruk hruk hruk hruk!

This darling cat is known to have many evil hobbies. Presumably just for the sake of meanness, Berna loves to go to the bathroom exactly one inch from her litter box. When she gets tired of doing that, she enjoys peeing on the kitchen floor, strategically in a place where her family members will not notice it, then slip and fall.

Bernadette’s greatest and most evil talent is, during her family’s favorite television shows, stepping on just the right TV control button so that the sound and/or picture disappears, often taking several minutes to rectify.

Bernadette is pissed off

Face 3 is simply known as "Yowl". Kind of postmodern, huh?

A multifaceted little kitty, Bernadette is also known to enjoy scratching new furniture, sleeping everywhere except her cat bed, puking on any object of worth left out in plain sight, hissing at any and all visitors, and generally spreading ill-will, especially during the holidays.

Bernadette is mad

Here's a fourth face for your perusal. I like to call it "hissy face".

Submitted by: Ellise


2 Responses to “Gallery: Bernadette”

  1. Marilia says:

    Bernadette is so sweet!!!

  2. Meankitty says:

    Bernadette is sweet like salt is sweet 🙂

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