Gallery: Kali-Mar

Name: Kali-Mar
Location: Australia

I'm a princess ALL the time. Everyone knows human slaves must be given specific, simple directions or they won't understand.

What makes Kali so mean?

This is Kali-Mar, also known as Kali Monster, or PyschoKitty. She came from a pet shop weighing just 500g (block of butter size) with a huge ego and megalomania. When she is nice, she is lovely. Most times she is a demanding little princess who yowls, squeaks, grunts (can’t meow) and then dives in with fang and claw. And because she is a dainty little cat, she has teeth like razors. Her motto: “I want it, and I want it RIGHT NOW!!”

Mid 2011 Update–Kalimar decided she needed to showcase her awesomeness some more and submitted the following images and information:

Kalimar was a mean kitten

Do I *LOOK* like butter? Or am I going to EAT your butter? You betta believe it!

Although she now appears in the bathroom every morning for her compulsory 10 minutes of scritching (ears, neck & chin please), she counters this with the almost obligatory bunny-kick session. (If you don’t know what that is, rub your cat’s tummy – it will attempt to disembowel you with the bunny-kick manuevour!)

Kalimar is a meankitty


As she has got older, she has evening manic sessions where she suddenly and viciously hates everyone, hisses and spits, and yells “DON’T TOUCH ME, DON’T EVEN LOOK AT ME!” before screaming off to hide under the furniture. Don’t attempt to pick her up in this mood, she will shred you.

Magically, she appears in the morning angelic and looking for scritches and off we go again.

Kalimar computer kitty

Now is the time for scritches. You shall get off the computer and give them to me, or else!

Other Names: TK Tiniest Kitten In The Known Universe (when she was very young), Miss CrankyPants, Psycho-Kitty, PuppyCat, Kali-Wali, and You Bloody BitchCat from Hell!

Photo submitted by: Mala


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