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Meankitty.com » Blog Archive » Gallery: Beanito Pussolini

Gallery: Beanito Pussolini

Name: Beanito Pussolini
Location: Cananda

Beanito is a Meankitty

The decapitated heads are a warning, not a gift. SOMEBODY hasn't been watching The Godfather.

What makes the Bean so mean?

Here is my Mean cat “The Bean”, also known as “Beanito Pussolini” the autocratic cat.

Once upon a time there was a wee abandoned kitty called Beanie. He was adopted by a lovely lady in London who lived in a house that was a veritable menagerie. From cute wee kitty to unholy terror, Beanie soon learnt to “play” with the others. He poked frogs in the garden to make them jump and would wait patiently for the elderly lady cat Nuissi to arrive at the cat flap. He would promptly slam the flap back in her face and sit with studied insouciance. Nuissi developed a nervous disposition and licked half of her fur off during Mean Bean’s presence in the house.

So mean was the Bean that he was banished (along with his owner) to the wilds of New Zealand. The Bean displays his affection by leaving his owner perfectly decapitated bird heads, black fur on freshly laundered clothing and loud yowling very early in the morning.

Recently The Bean has taken up pole dancing and can be seen flaunting his naked furry limbs around on the back lawn.

Beanito Pole Dancer

Sprinkle me with catnip and maybe I'll even shed some fur for ya... On your clean laundry, that is.

Submitted by: Eve


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  1. Marilia says:

    MOL!!!! HAhahaha! I love the name Pussolini!!!!! I love “The Bean”!!!!!

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