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Gallery: Damien

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Name: Damien
Location: Somewhere there’s an Omen

Damien was a meankitty

Just goes to prove how dumb dogs are, wouldn't you say?

What makes Damien so mean?

He may appear to be a gentle cat, but Damien exhibited some of the most severe anti-canine behavior I ever witnessed. Instead of running from dogs, he was always on the attack! His most recent victory occurred when a friend of my wife brought her Great Dane to one of my wife’s pool parties. The Dane decided to investigate the kitty sleeping on the chair, only to find that the kitty was a very light sleeper. The dog received with several slashes to the nose, totally terrorizing this huge dog. After that, this dumb dog went for a repeat performance, checking out Damien at the water dish. The cat did the traditional ‘swirl of fur’ around the dog’s head and face. This finally made an impression on the dog that he was not welcome in the house; now the dog refuses to leave his owner’s vehicle whenever they visit.

Damien was also very protective when it came to me. One afternoon, my wife was poking me (in fun), and Damien thought I was being attacked, came to my ‘rescue’ and punished my wife by wrapping himself around her with legs and claws out and teeth biting. Damien’s mother was a Siamese, with his father being a run of the mill alley cat. The Siamese may be where he inherited the “Nasty Catittude”.

RIP Damien, 1999-2004.

Submitted by: Ed