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Gallery: Damien

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Name: Damien
Location: Somewhere there’s an Omen

Damien was a meankitty

Just goes to prove how dumb dogs are, wouldn't you say?

What makes Damien so mean?

He may appear to be a gentle cat, but Damien exhibited some of the most severe anti-canine behavior I ever witnessed. Instead of running from dogs, he was always on the attack! His most recent victory occurred when a friend of my wife brought her Great Dane to one of my wife’s pool parties. The Dane decided to investigate the kitty sleeping on the chair, only to find that the kitty was a very light sleeper. The dog received with several slashes to the nose, totally terrorizing this huge dog. After that, this dumb dog went for a repeat performance, checking out Damien at the water dish. The cat did the traditional ‘swirl of fur’ around the dog’s head and face. This finally made an impression on the dog that he was not welcome in the house; now the dog refuses to leave his owner’s vehicle whenever they visit.

Damien was also very protective when it came to me. One afternoon, my wife was poking me (in fun), and Damien thought I was being attacked, came to my ‘rescue’ and punished my wife by wrapping himself around her with legs and claws out and teeth biting. Damien’s mother was a Siamese, with his father being a run of the mill alley cat. The Siamese may be where he inherited the “Nasty Catittude”.

RIP Damien, 1999-2004.

Submitted by: Ed


Gallery: Beenee

Monday, August 29th, 2011

Name: Beenee
Location: Unknown

Beenee is a meankitty

Don't you just love my color coordinated eyes? The better to see you with. And pounce on you.

What makes Beenee so mean?

Beenee is my big bad punk kitty. He always has this evil look in his eyes. A good thing about him is that he likes to listen to the Devotchkas with me and dance around my room. Though he may look cute, he is actually a fat mean menace who knocks over the garbage can, makes big messes, and bites and scratches me. He makes this odd loud howling noise at night and wakes me up. But I love my P.R. (punk rock) cat.

Submitted by: Cyndy


Gallery: Bear

Sunday, August 28th, 2011

Name: Bear
Location: Fairfax, VA

Bear is a meankitty

Touch my fluff and I'll show you who's tough!

What makes Bear so mean?

Yeah, my name is Bear, but you can call me The Evil Bear Monster. I pride myself on being a master of the old ‘bait and switch’ routine. See, I just love to lure unsuspecting human slaves with my cuddly, come hither looks. No one can resist these baby blues. “Oh, look at the fluffy kitty! He’s so cute!”.

HA! My trap is set! The human slaves are so gullible! As they reach out to pet me, I wait until just the precise moment, and then….. WHACK! I hiss and spit my evilness into their unsuspecting faces, slap them with my stealthy paws and sink my needle sharp teeth into their stinking human fingers. As they run screaming for the first aid kit, I sit back and lick their blood off my whiskers. Another victim falls prey to The Evil Bear Monster.

Of course my meanness is not limited to the human slaves. I have to entertain myself when they aren’t around. Fortunately, I have plenty of targets in this house with the other sniveling hairballs that live here. There’s one cat named Jessie who thinks he owns the place. All the other cats are scared of him because he’s big and strong and slinks around, silently stalking them. Yeah right, Jess. So you can sneak up on the little ones and bite them while they are using the litter box. I am so not impressed. I have to constantly remind Jessie who the real top cat is here. That’s right – it’s me – The Evil Bear Monster. I love messing with that arrogant flea bag’s tiny little brain. I’ll totally ignore him for a while until he starts to think everything is cool. Then when he least suspects it, I’ll launch my attack. Gotcha, you fool! I just love seeing his eyes fill with terror as I’m tearing him to ribbons. His fur goes flying everywhere and he runs away, screaming like a little human girl.

Submitted by: Kelly


Gallery: Beanito Pussolini

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

Name: Beanito Pussolini
Location: Cananda

Beanito is a Meankitty

The decapitated heads are a warning, not a gift. SOMEBODY hasn't been watching The Godfather.

What makes the Bean so mean?

Here is my Mean cat “The Bean”, also known as “Beanito Pussolini” the autocratic cat.

Once upon a time there was a wee abandoned kitty called Beanie. He was adopted by a lovely lady in London who lived in a house that was a veritable menagerie. From cute wee kitty to unholy terror, Beanie soon learnt to “play” with the others. He poked frogs in the garden to make them jump and would wait patiently for the elderly lady cat Nuissi to arrive at the cat flap. He would promptly slam the flap back in her face and sit with studied insouciance. Nuissi developed a nervous disposition and licked half of her fur off during Mean Bean’s presence in the house.

So mean was the Bean that he was banished (along with his owner) to the wilds of New Zealand. The Bean displays his affection by leaving his owner perfectly decapitated bird heads, black fur on freshly laundered clothing and loud yowling very early in the morning.

Recently The Bean has taken up pole dancing and can be seen flaunting his naked furry limbs around on the back lawn.

Beanito Pole Dancer

Sprinkle me with catnip and maybe I'll even shed some fur for ya... On your clean laundry, that is.

Submitted by: Eve


Gallery: Bean

Friday, August 26th, 2011

Name: Bean
Location: Memphis

Bean is a meankitty

Heh heh heh! Little does she know I've been paid in high grade catnip by her psycho ex to ruin her lovelife by creeping out and attacking potential dates!

What makes Bean so mean?

Bean has been with me for seven years. I call her “socially monogamous”; everyone else calls her crazy. She likes me and no one else. If someone else comes into the house, she sits about 3 feet away from them and stares at them creepily the whole time. If they try to pet her she acts morally offended and steps out of their reach.

And they better not even think of tickling me or making me laugh too loud because she will attack them! No one messes with the Beanster or her mama. But when it’s just us, she’s sweet as can be.

Photo submitted by: Melissa


Gallery: Beaker

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

Name: Beaker
Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Beaker is a meankitty

They are trying to keep me from licking my butt. And they're calling ME mean?

What makes Beaker so mean?

Beaker is so pissed about being in this cone he ripped apart the couch.

Submitted by: Christine


Gallery: Baxter

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Name: Baxter
Location: San Antonio, TX

Baxter is a meankitty

"Rescued" me? I was being paid a lump sum to break in and shred a couple nudie paintings by a local morality group, and these pesky humans ruined it all!

What makes Baxter so mean?

Here is a picture of Baxter. I hope you will consider adding her to the MeanKitty website. She is our 5 year old Orange Tabby Manx. Meanest Kitty I have ever met, she’s in charge of everything in our house including the humans. If she does not get her way she puts up her mean ears and gives you “the look”. My husband rescued her from the art museum grounds where he use to work as a night security. Took him 3 weeks to actually grab her and she hissed all the way home even though she was only about 8 weeks old.

Submitted by: Rosemary


Gallery: Basil

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

Name: Basil
Location: Ottowa, Canada

Basil is a meankitty

I'm so bad I'm bowlegged!

What makes Basil so mean?

This is my cat Basil. He is a loud, obnoxious little jerk that ruins everything from horizontal blinds to the couch. He likes to beat up on my other cat Lemon so I guess that makes him a mean kitty.

I really don’t know how Basil made this face but I found out he doesn’t like having his picture taken. When I repeatedly took his picture because the face was so funny, he just got madder and madder until he leapt up and bit me in the face. Okay, not really. But he might have done that if we continued to take pictures of him. Basil now runs from cameras when he sees them. More therapy for Basil…

Submitted by: Dan Whelan


Gallery: Kali-Mar

Saturday, August 20th, 2011

Name: Kali-Mar
Location: Australia

I'm a princess ALL the time. Everyone knows human slaves must be given specific, simple directions or they won't understand.

What makes Kali so mean?

This is Kali-Mar, also known as Kali Monster, or PyschoKitty. She came from a pet shop weighing just 500g (block of butter size) with a huge ego and megalomania. When she is nice, she is lovely. Most times she is a demanding little princess who yowls, squeaks, grunts (can’t meow) and then dives in with fang and claw. And because she is a dainty little cat, she has teeth like razors. Her motto: “I want it, and I want it RIGHT NOW!!”

Mid 2011 Update–Kalimar decided she needed to showcase her awesomeness some more and submitted the following images and information:

Kalimar was a mean kitten

Do I *LOOK* like butter? Or am I going to EAT your butter? You betta believe it!

Although she now appears in the bathroom every morning for her compulsory 10 minutes of scritching (ears, neck & chin please), she counters this with the almost obligatory bunny-kick session. (If you don’t know what that is, rub your cat’s tummy – it will attempt to disembowel you with the bunny-kick manuevour!)

Kalimar is a meankitty


As she has got older, she has evening manic sessions where she suddenly and viciously hates everyone, hisses and spits, and yells “DON’T TOUCH ME, DON’T EVEN LOOK AT ME!” before screaming off to hide under the furniture. Don’t attempt to pick her up in this mood, she will shred you.

Magically, she appears in the morning angelic and looking for scritches and off we go again.

Kalimar computer kitty

Now is the time for scritches. You shall get off the computer and give them to me, or else!

Other Names: TK Tiniest Kitten In The Known Universe (when she was very young), Miss CrankyPants, Psycho-Kitty, PuppyCat, Kali-Wali, and You Bloody BitchCat from Hell!

Photo submitted by: Mala