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Meankitty.com » Blog Archive » Gallery: Barbie Q

Gallery: Barbie Q

Name: Barbie Q
Location: Unknown

Barbie Q is a meankitty

Toby the stuffed cat is smarter than my humans.

What makes Barbie so mean?

We got this cute, petite little kitty about 6 years ago. The first year was pretty uneventful, regular cute kitten stuff, but after she matured, look out! She hates all other cats. I have enclosed a photo of her with Toby, the only cat she will tolerate. When other cats get too close, she screams in their face. She wakes us all up in the middle of the night sometimes because one of the other cats dared get into her space.

She sleeps next to me in bed, and if I have to get up for ANY reason, she has a fit. This includes howling, hissing, and becoming immobile. She has another endearing trait. If she goes outside at night, she climbs up on the roof of the house (via a convenient tree) and runs back and forth. Did I mention she has a loud, loud voice? She knows right where our bedroom window is and she will howl there, run across to the other side of the house, and then run back.

If you decide to let her in, she will howl even louder. After 10 minutes of coaxing, she will maybe come back in. Meanwhile you are now freezing and thoroughly awake.

Barbie Q is a meanie

If you're another feline, then you're not fine with me. Scram! PS I hate dogs more.

Barbie has another endearing habit: she doesn’t eat. She will watch everyone else eat, and when all the dishes are empty, she will finally decide she is hungry. So you have to feed her specially, since of course there is no food left.

Submitted by: Mimi


3 Responses to “Gallery: Barbie Q”

  1. Kay says:

    I have your kitties twin at my house !

  2. Kay says:

    I have your kitties twin at my house, Zen is my rescue who owns my home now.

  3. Lisa Rusczyk says:

    I have a cat a lot like that. His brother beat him up for years and it made him neurotic. He’s still my favorite, though, and I think that’s why his bro beat him up so much! They always know.

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