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Advice: Sleepless Kitties

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Dear Meankitty,

I try to be a good human slave to my kitties. I work a job that makes enough money so I can shower them with treats, tuna and trees, and I pet them anytime they want. The ones that want to be brushed (Skooter and Kokojojo), I brush. The ones that don’t (Nancy and Herb), I don’t. I hire a very nice petsitter whenever I have to be gone more than one day on business, and everyone who comes over to my house knows that they aren’t allowed to push the cats out of the seats. The cats come first in my life!

The problem is, I don’t think my cats ever SLEEP! When I get home they throng around me as if I had venison in my pockets but I hardly ever do. They jump on the counter when I cook, they stare at me from the other chairs when I eat dinner. They sit all over me when I watch tv and they follow me around when I clean house and also up and down the road when I jog for exercise. Then, all night long, they tussle and yowl and keep me awake.

Meankitty, I don’t want to prevent their high life, but I’m not getting enough sleep!



Dear Caffeine-addict,

They sleep when you aren’t there. And actually, they take shifts through the night yowling so two can be on duty while the others can be off duty. You’re being punished for being a dog in a previous life, but it’s possible your ordeal may be nearly over.

Or not. Just learn to sleep-work.