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Gallery: Io

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Name: Io
Location: Unknown

Io is a meankitty

If you don't mind, I was having a moment. Point that thing somewhere else.

What makes Io so mean?

Io is one of our 4 cats. He’s the oldest (and fattest), and naturally the leader of the pack.

One hot summer day all cats but Io were at home. We called Io, but he wouldn’t answer or come in. We then went to search for him in the garden and found him in the shade of a plant in this pose, like he’s saying “Waddya want? Stop botherin’ me or I’ll give ya one!”

Turns out this is his favorite spot and not even the air conditioning inside pulls him away from it.

Submitted by: Daniella


Gallery: Inky

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

Name: Inky
Location: RR Brewery

Inky is a stealth kitty

Gotta look sharp to spot the Inkster before he attacks!

What makes Inky so mean?

This is our littlest meankitty, Inky. In this pic he’s only about three months old, but we think works as a shepherd for the devil and may have been here before.

His turn-ons include the opening of the refrigerator door, the opening of any cabinet or closet door, and being the first to defile the litterbox after it’s been cleaned. Preferably if we’re still cleaning it. [[Meankitty adds: Go Inky! Good strategy.]]

In his spare time, he likes to hide out under the dust ruffle and swat at the feet of passers-by. He also enjoys attempting to climb the shower curtain and jumping into the bathtub while the water is going down the drain. He doesn’t seem to mind getting wet.

He detests confinement [[except for boxes with spy holes]] and resists discipline of any sort. He eats such vast quantities that we’re considering making him obtain some form of gainful employment. Maybe the brewery would be willing to pay us for this photo.

Submitted by: Christine & David


Gallery: Zoey & Crew

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

Name: Zoey & her Boo Gang
Location: Unknown

Meankitties galore

Harley and Zoey pause in their daily scuffle to pose for the camera.

What makes Zoey so mean?

I have my three mean kitties called the Boo Boos (Da Boos). The fluffy orange one is Bailey (because he’s Irish and/or looks drunk), the short haired orange is Harley (because he purrs like a Harley Davidson) and the black and white is Zoey (or Zozo the Evil.)

Line of evil

Hey, human, are you going to pinch Bailey's head? Try it and see what happens.

They enjoy lining up so they can drink from the sink and fighting over who controls the remote. The meanest of the bunch? Zozo the evilificent – she’s cross eyed and rat like and beats up the two boys like she’s the prison warden.

Submitted by: Jess


Gallery: Zoe Cinnamon

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

Name: Zoe Cinnamon
Location: Dallas, TX

Zoe Cinnamon Meanie

Batta batta batta batt. Target practice with a human nose is fun!

What makes Zoe so mean?

At first glance she is about the sweetest thing you have ever seen, but watch out because she is the devil incarnate. She has had us for almost all of her 11 months on this earth. A few weeks after we moved to our new apartment, there she was in our garage about 3-4 weeks old. From the moment we brought her in to our house she has terrorized out other cat. She was determined to be the boss. Her little 1 1/2 pounds were all bully, even to our 16 pound cat Paulo. But now they have been living together for almost a year and for us at home, it’s pretty good, but if you come over, beware of the evil Zoe Monster!

Submitted by: Angelia & Donald