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Gallery: Zoe 3

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

Name: Zoe (3)
Location: Psychoville

Zoe psycho

I'm not psycho, I'm just intense.

What makes Zoe so mean?

Zoe is my “psychoZoe.” When she was a kitten, she was a wild woman! She would act lovey-dovey and turn on you in a split second. She still does that. She tolerates being petted on her stomach for only so long. Then it’s attack time.

Zoe loves to eat lizards and kill cockroaches. (Even she knows that cockroaches are disgusting!) Zoe is also our neighborhood birderer (murderer of birds). One time she brought home a lifeless bunny and put it on our doorstep. What a nice gift!

The other day I was taking pictures of her, and she got all riled. I am submitting a photo of her ready to pounce. She is deceiving. She can look soft and ready for love, and then she’ll turn and put a puncture wound right in your hand.

Zoe is evil

All flying creatures beware. The Birderer of Alcatraz approacheth.

She is 2 yrs old and I rescued her from the animal shelter. She could be a Russian Blue, but I think she is a DSH gray cat. Russian Blues usually have light pink paw pads, and Zoe’s are gray.

Photo submitted by: Susie


Gallery: Zoe 2

Friday, April 29th, 2011

Name: Zoe (2)
Location: Unknown

Zoe is a meankitty


What makes Zoe so mean?

My kitty is named Zoe although he is a he. He can be sweet when he wants something, when he doesn’t, watch out! He’s ornery and he bites! He bites me all the time. He can be purring one minute, and the next instant he’s biting me.

And I do mean bite! I have scars all over my arms. He draws blood. There’s nothing to explain this behavior other than he just likes to be mean. You can see it in his eyes.

Submitted by: Georgia


Gallery: Zoe

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Name: Zoe
Location: Couch

Zoe is mean

For those about to leap...we salute you!

What makes Zoe so mean?

Even the vet hates Zoe. She’s very hard to treat. She would love to kill every animal that comes in our yard, so we are careful not to let her out. So she takes her killing urges out on us.

In her own strange way, she’s kind of sweet, though.

Submitted by: Zoe’s Humans


Gallery: Woody

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Name: Woody
Location: North Carolina

Woody face

I am the MAKER of house rules. You got a problem wit' dat?

What makes Woody so mean?

This is Woody, who is not so much mean as he is the most annoying cat on the face of the earth.

Woody drinks

I'm not drinking...I'm spitting catbutt germs, hehehe.

His habits include drinking V8 juice out of MY glass, knocking everything off the bedside table when he thinks it time to get up – including the clock and lamp, and jiggling the toilet handle while I’m in the shower. He will learn to flush and scald me one of these days.

Woody is a meankitty

That was tasssssssssty. Thanks for leaving it unmonitored!

He has also made a house rule that all pens and pencils are to be on the floor at all times. Need a pen? Look down.

Submitted by: Barbara


Gallery: Wilma

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Name: Wilma
Location: Unknown

Wilma is mean

It is NOT time for my close-up, so bug off!

What makes Wilma so mean?

Wilma doesn’t like to be interrupted when she’s sunbathing, not even by admiring fans like myself who just want a quick photo and an autograph. She’ll give me an autograph, all right…with her claw!

Submitted by: J. Miller


Gallery: Willow 3

Monday, April 25th, 2011

Name: Willow
Location: UK

Willow is meanie

I also whine when I draw blood from houseguests. Makes for an interesting contrast.

What makes Willow so mean?

Say hello (from a distance) to Willow aka Willow Fatbelly or Willowmeister. One day, I wandered into a pet shop and saw this tiny little kitten, all meek and stripey and cute, and decided upon her immediately. I should have taken heed of the shop owner who told me she’s never stopped miaowing all day.

“Piffle” I thought. Until I got her out of the shop….

That was 11 years ago and she hasn’t shut up since! She whines for food, for comfort, if there’s a draught, if it’s too hot, if someone looks at her the wrong way. She sulks when we go on holiday and by accounts of the people who come to feed her, she lays on the bed, festering, only moving downstairs for food.

Caretakers have been known to resort to using a long stick to pry her feeding bowl away from her reach – go any closer than that and human blood and flesh is a certainty.

Unsuspecting house-guests have commented on her lovely markings and gone to stroke her. Too late; they don’t see the change of look in her eye and they are just yet another statistic of The Willowmeister!

Submitted by: Allie


Gallery: Willow 2

Sunday, April 24th, 2011

Name: Willow
Location: Unknown

Willow is mean and bad

I'm BORN TO BE WILD, baby. Not to mention BAD TO THE BONE. A regular IRONMAN.

What makes Willow so mean?

Willow hates absolutely everything except food, water, sleep, and causing pain. He is disinterested in all things calm and relaxing. Lately, he only stops by the apartment to eat. If not here, he’s in the woods adjacent to our apartment complex terrorizing the other cats and viciously murdering the field mice there. His dominion is this small patch of woods.

The other cats run when they see him. He is their tyrant. Their dictator of the deciduous home away from home. The savage hammer-pawed assassin of the night. His favorite spot to rest after a busy night’s bloody romp in the woods? The bathroom sink, where he cleanses himself of his sins so he can commit them again 12 hours later. If he had his way, you wouldn’t be around reading this.

Submitted by: Matt


Gallery: Willow

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

Name: Willow
Location: NL

Willow is a dutch kitty

Come on, gimme the booklet...I gotta use the bathroom, anyway.

What makes Willow so mean?

This is a photo of our cat Willow. Willow doesn’t like people who deliver commercial booklets or sponsored newspapers. He guards our door from those evil paper enemies. If the delivery guy doesn’t get the meaning of the ‘NEE/NEE sticker’ he’ll explain it to him. Beware…

Submitted by: Irene


Gallery: Willa

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

Name: Willa
Location: Unknown

Willa is mean

It's MY bed! Sheesh! She tries to steal it from me.

What makes Willa so mean?

This is the lovely Willa. She looks really sweet, but it’s all a sham. She acts all cute and rolls over on her belly and you can’t resist, you have to rub her tummy and WAMMO! She bites off a finger! Sometimes she even pretends she likes the petting at first; that’s what makes it an especially nasty trick.

And forget about her having any friends. She don’t need ‘em. If she doesn’t know you, (basically, if you happen to not be me) she’ll hiss at you, growl at you and there’s a good chance she’ll bite you too. She likes to inflict pain on others, especially if it draws blood.

She is also one of those pillow stealing kitties. I wake up in the middle of the night to discover she’s stolen my pillow and is hogging most of the bed, purring the whole time. No matter how many times I push her off, she keeps coming back, keeps stealing my pillow and hogging the bed in that passive aggressive kind of way. I end up not sleeping very well. Oh, and I can’t forget to mention her evil trick of hiding under the bed at bedtime and then BAM! She leaps out and bites your toes! Ahhhhh!

Submitted by: Katherine


Gallery: Widget

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

Name: Widget
Location: Freeport, IL

Widget is a meankitty

And I could rule the world, too, if it weren't for you meddling humans.

What makes Widget so mean?

Widget looks pretty and has very soft fur. Don’t let it deceive you. She is an extremely territorial witch to my 2 other kitties. She has never adjusted to life with other cats after her life as a stray. She mercilessly pursues them into hiding places to instigate. One cat screams upon seeing her, and another lies down and curls herself into a ball, knowing she can’t beat Widget’s mean butt.

Widget isn’t just being defensive, but OFFENSIVE as she growls, hisses, jumps on them and proceeds to try and shred their skin. My other cats have become terrified of her. I see them creeping around furniture, fearful of her ambushing them. Our eldest cat, Princess, has become so afraid she will growl and hiss at anything that comes near her after a confrontation with Widget.

Widget is such a nasty housemate to the others that we have had to do a “kitty exchange” and keep her in a bedroom 12 hours a day, while our other cats roam free, and let her out alone to be the night cat, while they stay separated.

Widget has totally massacred our carpet at the bedroom doors because she is trying (in vain) to get out of her confinement. We keep everything she needs in there and still give her attention as our night cat…honestly, I think her intent is to rule the WORLD!

Submitted by: Nancy