Gallery: Daisy (2), the Curly Cat

Name: Daisy
Location: Unknown

Daisy is a meankitty

This is me having a good time. Bitey, bitey, bo bitey!

What makes Daisy so mean?

Daisy outraged

What is this Play Paw thing? It totally ruins my good time.

My name is Daisy. I am a mean kitty because I love to bite the hand that pets me. Giving the bitey is very, very fun. I like to use my claws too, but not as much as I like to give the bitey. My human bought me this thing called a Play Paw so she can play with me when I am “Being Bad”, which, as we cats know, is just the typical human lack of understanding of SOHC requirements. And good times. And great oldies. But I do not like the Play Paw.

Daisy is a madkitty

I do not like it, Sam I am. I do not like it on your hand. I do not like it in my hair. I do not like it anywhere.

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  1. Chuckie H says:

    After take’n in a quick look at the daisythecat blog thing, no wonder she is a “mean kitty”.

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