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Gallery: ArchAngel

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

Name: ArchAngel aka Angel
Location: Ohio

Archangel is a meankitty

Lo, the Angel of Death is white like a half eaten box of Kleenex and evil like what happens after I eat the box of Kleenex.

What makes Angel so mean?

Angel (aka ArchAngel by the rest of the family) is 6 years old and will only tolerate me. Even I get clawed, batted at, hissed at or finally as a last resort bitten if I ‘misbehave’. Angel was on his way to the humane society and abused badly at his previous home. I promised him a better life. I brought him home, cleaned him up, took him to the vet…whom Angel promptly hissed at, clawed up and bit. We had him checked out, got him medicine, shots, flea protection, and fixed (Angel says that should say “broke”).

Angel was less than impressed, soiling and destroying all he could. We spoiled him rotten, bought him expensive things, even tried leash training him. He got dragged about a half block before I gave up. The neighbors were laughing their butts off at me. I carried the lil devil home…all white cat with one grey side where he’d been dragged.

Archangel is awful

Sorry, you're not one of the humans I must allow to pet me in order to get into kitty bugger off!

Apparently he expected better! He was unhappy with my boyfriend and his dog, so he beat up the black Labrador and still to this day will soil my now husband’s clothes, pillow, coat etc if given the chance. The dog refuses to return, the husband insists on Angel’s litterbox being immaculate so Angel won’t retaliate.

We’ve had other cats for short periods. Angel soon makes life so difficult we gave up. He’s an only cat again and very happy about it. The other cats moved in with my inlaws and the dog. The children occasionally debate moving there also. Angel insists on sleeping next to me, biting me if I roll the wrong way. My husband is relegated to against the wall and if we try to play, wrestle, or do anything Angel disapproves of, Angel growls and THWAP! my husband gets hit on the head. Our children occasionally like to wrestle too. We have to put Angel out of the room.

My Husband bought me a bird. Big Mistake. Cheeky the cockatiel has had to become my daughter’s bird. Angel looks at the cockatiel with great disdain, and I swear he’s biding his time till our feathered friend is loose alone, then he’ll have flying lunch.

10/09 Update:

Now that he is 13 years old, he has mellowed quite a bit. Hubby says of him “He’s an old cat trying to get to Heaven”! Sometimes I wonder if it’s true. He’s actually let a few people other than me pet him in recent years! GrammaZ was so tickled she got to touch him after 12 years!

Fox is a meankitty

Please...pardon my dogness...but I am still a fox, am I not?

The 2nd cat pictured here is relatively new. We rescued “Foxtail” from the humane society 4 years ago. Angel actually-tolerated us getting a second cat. Fox is the opposite of Angel- sweetest most loving & playful cat ever. He even fetches balls like a d-o-g. Angel glares when this happens but doesn’t attack anymore.

But never fear, even in his old age, Angel is still weird. He still drinks out of the fish tanks and cannot resist playing with plastic milk jug lid rings. Anything shiny on tables is batted off quickly. He is currently pissed at us because we adopted 2 dogs. I end up doing a lot of laundry that Angel soils in protest.

The “flying lunch” cockatiel “Cheeky” died last year- thankfully, not as lunch. Whew!

Submitted by: Cindy


Gallery: April

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

Name: April
Location: Scotland

April is a meankitty

April MAY (june?) do as she likes!

What makes April so mean?

April was a stray before we got her from the Cat Rescue Unit. I am 12 years old and I’ve wanted a cat since I was 6. We got our cats, Lucy & April, about 4 years ago. April is Lucy’s mother. April is really horrible to Lucy and meows madly and hisses at her all the time. April likes chocolate and had to get some of her teeth removed when we got her because her teeth were rotten and probably causing her pain. April is the meanest kitty I’ve ever known in my life. She puts the “OW!” into “MEOW!”.

Photo submitted by: Hazel

RIP April, who left us in 2004 for the big scratching post in the sky.


Gallery: Daisy (2), the Curly Cat

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

Name: Daisy
Location: Unknown

Daisy is a meankitty

This is me having a good time. Bitey, bitey, bo bitey!

What makes Daisy so mean?

Daisy outraged

What is this Play Paw thing? It totally ruins my good time.

My name is Daisy. I am a mean kitty because I love to bite the hand that pets me. Giving the bitey is very, very fun. I like to use my claws too, but not as much as I like to give the bitey. My human bought me this thing called a Play Paw so she can play with me when I am “Being Bad”, which, as we cats know, is just the typical human lack of understanding of SOHC requirements. And good times. And great oldies. But I do not like the Play Paw.

Daisy is a madkitty

I do not like it, Sam I am. I do not like it on your hand. I do not like it in my hair. I do not like it anywhere.

My website:

Submitted by: Abby


Gallery: Angel

Monday, March 28th, 2011

Name: Angel
Location: Somewhere Other Than Heaven

Angel is a meankitty

Looooook at me while I claw the furniture...

What makes Angel so mean?

Angel acted pitiful and lonely when we met her. We took her in after kids in the neighborhood tortured her. Now she tortures us. She viciously attacks our feet and makes sure we are looking when she claws the furniture. Otherwise, she’s frisky and nice, but she teases my husband terribly. She’ll roll around and smile coquettishly and ask for loving, then spurn his hand. She also teases our dogs through the window.

Angel is destructive also

For my next trick, I shall chew electric cord!

The spray bottle as a disciplinary tool is not nearly as effective as kissing her. You ought to see the sourpuss look on her face when we do that!

Submitted by: Anon


Gallery: Andi

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

Name: Andi
Location: Unknown

Andi is a meankitty

Me, a DAWG!?? Seriously, who would want to be a dog when you can be a cat?

What makes Andi so mean?

This is Andi. She is a mean kitty even if my husband insists she is his dog. I am partially blind and she lies in wait, but that is typical of most kitties. Andi, however, is tricksy. She lies in wait in her “cat cave.” I have a devise to keep the bed covers off my feet because of diabetes complications. She sneaks in *there* and waits. I don’t always see her. When I go to bed the little furry piranha shreds my feet!

Once she learned to jump to the top of the shower door, she leaps on my head before the water starts. My friend sent me a stuffed frog. Andi managed to get it off a high shelf and eat its nose. Poor noseless frog. Once my husband left the lid off the toad’s terrarium. She sat inside on top of the logs, glaring at the toads cowering in the corner. She didn’t eat them but they are traumatized for life.

There is so much. I keep saying how cute and loving she can be but my friends say it is an act and she is only lulling me into a false sense of security to attack me once again. They could be right; the little devil just bit my nose!

Submitted by: Karen M.


Gallery: Gin Gin

Saturday, March 26th, 2011

Name: Gin Gin
Location: The Center of the Universe

Gin Gin is a meankitty

Meow meow meow meow meow pet me meow meow meowwww.

What makes Gin Gin so mean?

Gin Gin is a six year old drama queen. She hates the dog. She hates other cats. She hates men. She tolerates those of us who live with her, but just barely. Gin constantly meows, but she gets her food, she just sniffs it and walks off. When I bend down to pet her, she scowls, swipes and runs away. Everything revolves around her in this world and she knows it.

Gin Gin is Queen

Queen Gin Gin aka Center of the Universe Ruler of Many Human Slaves and Hater of Dogs

Submitted by: Barbara


Gallery: Amber

Friday, March 25th, 2011

Name: Amber
Location: UK

Amber is a meankitty

Cats TOTALLY hate warm air blowing all over our bodies. Please, please don't crank that radiator *smirks*.

What makes Amber so mean?

This is one mean English Kitty! She likes to take a leak by sticking her bum out of the cat tray and peeing right onto the kitchen floor, but not every time. I think it’s when we feed her crappy food.

She loves to pull the carpet up on a regular basis, just for fun. She bites the leaves off plants and sharpens her teeth on the corners of the kitchen units.

To get our own back, she sometimes falls asleep with her nose against the radiator, so we crank up the heating! Heh heh heh, that’ll teach her.

Submitted by: Mike


Gallery: Butterscotch

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

Name: Butterscotch
Location: MA

Butterscotch is a meankitty

Nice, comfy photo drawer. I will mangle the drawer's contents as soon as the staff turns their backs.

What makes Butterscotch so mean?

Hi, I am Butterscotch! I don’t think I am a meankitty but the slaves are the ones submitting the pictures.

I require attention when I want it. Please tell me why that is mean? My mommy-slave thinks I am mean at times. I wake her up in the middle of the night by hitting her face with my claws because I want to be petted. Doesn’t she know petting cats lowers slaves’ blood pressure?


I gave up sitting on newspapers when humans want to read. This is the 21st century. I sit on laptops!

8 years ago she brought home a kitten. So, I chase him around and hit him a bit. It’s to teach him, not because I’m mean. I am proud of the scar I put on his nose from when she first got him.

I also eat everything, but I don’t think that’s mean, either. I love doughnuts, so when they forget and put the bag on the table, I jump up and chew threw the bag. Yummy! I wish they didn’t get jelly ones, though. I always ending up wearing it and then they know what I’ve been up to. Otherwise I blame the other cat.

Butterscotch is a meankitty

Whatever it is, the other cat did it.

So you be the judge — I’m not mean, am I?

Submitted by: Karen


Gallery: Greebo

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

Name: Greebo
Location: Discworld

Greebo kitten

Greebo then. Awwwwwww!

What makes Greebo so mean?

Greebo and his 3 brothers were rescued at 2 weeks old–their mother had abandoned them. We took Greebo home at around 4 weeks old, and I hand fed him every 2 hours with a substitute mothers milk. I forgave the terrible scratches as hunger pangs. Now I think he got a taste of blood and never looked back.

Greebo is a meankitty

Greebo and Binky--She Who Does Not Get To Eat Until Greebo Finishes.

Greebo is actually the devil in cat form. He has subdued Binky (the black cat) into letting him eat her food. He also ambushes her whenever possible, causing screams like you’ve never heard before on earth. We have 2 dogs (dachshunds. They don’t stand a chance) He rides the smaller one like a horse. He waits till she’s alone (mostly she slinks around looking very, very nervous) then he leaps onto her back and rides her like a bucking bronco round the living room. The other dog, Greebo likes to wait til he’s wagging his tail then he swats it, making the dog wonder what the heck hit him (he’s not a very bright dog).

Meankitty’s note — what dogs are bright?
Meankitty’s other note — would pay top catnip dollar for the horse-riding picture.

His favourite hobby is sitting on the sink staring, ust staring at the dripping tap. It fascinates him. He cannot believe the drips disappear before he can grab them.

His second favourite hobby is going out at night, whatever the weather, so he can howl on my window ledge at 3 am. When I let him in, he likes to charge (soaking wet) across my head/face/torso and streak downstairs to howl at the front door to be let out. So he can do it again.

His name is Greebo from Nanny Ogg’s cat in the Discworld novels.

His nickname is Stripey B*stard. And I love him to death.

Submitted by: Helen


Gallery: Fuzby

Monday, March 21st, 2011

Name: Fuzby
Location: Iowa City, Iowa

Fuzby is a meankitty

It's true. I'm the obvious pick of any litter.

What makes Fuzby so mean?

My name is Ian and this is my evil little 8-pound ball of fury named Fuzby from Iowa City, Iowa. My family and I bought him from a litter of farm-born kittens and he was the obvious pick of the litter. Out of all his siblings, he was the only male and the only tabby (the rest were orange).

We quickly realized when we brought him home that he had much more of a temper than any other cat we had owned previously. As a kitten he would lie in wait around corners and then jump out and cling to people’s legs so he could gnaw on them. The only time of day that he allows himself to be petted is in the morning, when he receives his daily brushing – this is also the only time you will here him purr loudly.

Fuzby is mean mean mean

I have no idea why everyone thinks it's so cold this winter.

In the second picture you can see him sitting on a heating vent – this is his favorite spot during winter and if you try to move him then prepare to bleed. He has always been a very small cat, never weighing more than about 9 pounds, but this does not stop him from challenging dogs, raccoons, groundhogs, other cats, deer, and of course people. Every time we take him to the vet he has to be anesthetized because the veterinarians are afraid of his bite, but even under anesthesia he manages to make his displeasure very clear with a surprisingly loud and low sounding growl that you wouldn’t expect a cat of his size to be capable of. I think he’s the coolest cat ever though.

Submitted by: Ian