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Gallery: ArchAngel

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

Name: ArchAngel aka Angel
Location: Ohio

Archangel is a meankitty

Lo, the Angel of Death is white like a half eaten box of Kleenex and evil like what happens after I eat the box of Kleenex.

What makes Angel so mean?

Angel (aka ArchAngel by the rest of the family) is 6 years old and will only tolerate me. Even I get clawed, batted at, hissed at or finally as a last resort bitten if I ‘misbehave’. Angel was on his way to the humane society and abused badly at his previous home. I promised him a better life. I brought him home, cleaned him up, took him to the vet…whom Angel promptly hissed at, clawed up and bit. We had him checked out, got him medicine, shots, flea protection, and fixed (Angel says that should say “broke”).

Angel was less than impressed, soiling and destroying all he could. We spoiled him rotten, bought him expensive things, even tried leash training him. He got dragged about a half block before I gave up. The neighbors were laughing their butts off at me. I carried the lil devil home…all white cat with one grey side where he’d been dragged.

Archangel is awful

Sorry, you're not one of the humans I must allow to pet me in order to get into kitty Heaven...so bugger off!

Apparently he expected better! He was unhappy with my boyfriend and his dog, so he beat up the black Labrador and still to this day will soil my now husband’s clothes, pillow, coat etc if given the chance. The dog refuses to return, the husband insists on Angel’s litterbox being immaculate so Angel won’t retaliate.

We’ve had other cats for short periods. Angel soon makes life so difficult we gave up. He’s an only cat again and very happy about it. The other cats moved in with my inlaws and the dog. The children occasionally debate moving there also. Angel insists on sleeping next to me, biting me if I roll the wrong way. My husband is relegated to against the wall and if we try to play, wrestle, or do anything Angel disapproves of, Angel growls and THWAP! my husband gets hit on the head. Our children occasionally like to wrestle too. We have to put Angel out of the room.

My Husband bought me a bird. Big Mistake. Cheeky the cockatiel has had to become my daughter’s bird. Angel looks at the cockatiel with great disdain, and I swear he’s biding his time till our feathered friend is loose alone, then he’ll have flying lunch.

10/09 Update:

Now that he is 13 years old, he has mellowed quite a bit. Hubby says of him “He’s an old cat trying to get to Heaven”! Sometimes I wonder if it’s true. He’s actually let a few people other than me pet him in recent years! GrammaZ was so tickled she got to touch him after 12 years!

Fox is a meankitty

Please...pardon my dogness...but I am still a fox, am I not?

The 2nd cat pictured here is relatively new. We rescued “Foxtail” from the humane society 4 years ago. Angel actually-tolerated us getting a second cat. Fox is the opposite of Angel- sweetest most loving & playful cat ever. He even fetches balls like a d-o-g. Angel glares when this happens but doesn’t attack anymore.

But never fear, even in his old age, Angel is still weird. He still drinks out of the fish tanks and cannot resist playing with plastic milk jug lid rings. Anything shiny on tables is batted off quickly. He is currently pissed at us because we adopted 2 dogs. I end up doing a lot of laundry that Angel soils in protest.

The “flying lunch” cockatiel “Cheeky” died last year- thankfully, not as lunch. Whew!

Submitted by: Cindy