Gallery: Squirt

Name: Squirt
Location: Where He’s Not Supposed To Be

squirt is a meankitty

Cuz I'm a COW-boy, bay-bay!

What makes Squirt so mean?

This is Squirt. His aliases include Squirtmaster J, Jimmy DumDum, and LittleMan. From his kittenhood he has demonstrated his own particular passion in life: Going Where He is Not Supposed to Be. This might include the top of the stove (even when in use), inside the refrigerator, inside the dresser behind the drawers, into the apartment building hallway, or on top of the kitchen cupboards. His ability to find new places that he is Not Supposed to Be has given rise to the “Legend Of Squirt”:

The Legend of Squirt

A train pulls into a small, dusty western town. Tumbleweeds roll by on the horizon and all is quiet. A shiny black and white stranger steps down from the train. He squints at the horizon and spits. Then he moseys over to the sleeping local cat on a nearby bench. He kicks him awake. Once he has the local cat’s attention, Squirt pushes his cowboy hat back on his head, shows his fangs for a moment and then says in a slow drawl, “Hello Stranger. I’m a new cat in town. Can you tell me where I’m Not Supposed to Be?” After receiving his answer from the terrified local he will immediately go wherever it is that he is Not Supposed to Be.

Mission accomplished, he gets back on the train.

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