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Gallery: Winston (3)

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Name: Winston (3)
Location: Unknown

Winston is a meankitty

*singing* "I was blinded by the light! So I dropped a deuce and made some odor in the night!"

What makes Winston so mean?

Someone abandoned this little sweetie at the local fire station. He was tiny and charming and irresistible. Of course, we gave him a home. While he has some loveable qualities — he provides entertainment by attacking our older cats and he occasionally gets very lovey — he has a mean streak.

Winston likes to poop on our bathroom rugs. He seems to have a fetish for the texture and takes delight in dropping the deuce on our nice bathmats. He’s moved on now to leaving deposits on our downstairs rugs near the front and back doors.

When he’s not dropping little bombs in nasty places, he lies in wait to attack his feline companions or our feet. He rolls over expecting to have his tummy scratched (like a dog). He definitely thinks we are his human slaves, and Ihe did an excellent job of sucking us into his mind control. After all, we did take him in when somebody else didn’t want him.

Winston and Skipper

Nothing to see here, move along, move along.

ETA: The somewhat small cat in the photo I originally sent is now a 22 pound behemoth. He’s still a pooper, and he’s also adopted an alternative lifestyle with our other male cat, Skippy (he’s on meankitty, too). Winston’s into cleaning other cats’ bottoms with his tongue and he and Skippy make out quite a bit.

Winston has also developed a foot fetish. He sprawls on his back so you can massage him like some sort of human slave geisha. He’s really turned into an interesting, and frustrating, critter.

Photo submitted by: Sandi S.