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Gallery: Sam

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Name: Sam (1)
Location: Unknown

Sam is a meankitty

In my formative years, I spent a lot of time as a famous computer hacker, KITXY2000.

What makes Sam so mean?

It’s late at night, and all the animals are sleeping but me. What can I say about Sam? He’s an overweight womanizer. My ex-girlfriend, who was a psychologist, diagnosed him as a psychopath who’s desire for cuddle time has been twisted and fused with the drama that comes with violence and murder.

He was a stray cat at one time. So it is difficult to say what happened to him in his formative years to make him who he is. He is “fixed” but he still has desires. Desires that are satisfied with articles of dirty laundry (every day I come home I have to pick up clothes off of the floor).

There is bloodshed every day (mine, not his). It’s a good thing that I have a high tolerance for pain. Scratching posts are meaningless in this house because that’s what my book cases are for. Very spoiled, will not eat unless I heat up his cat food in the microwave. Now my microwave stinks.

Photo submitted by: B