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Gallery: Sam (2)

Friday, December 31st, 2010

Name: Sam (2)
Location: Washington State

Sam is an old meankitty

When I was a kitten, I had to hike uphill in the snow just to use the litterbox! And it was full of rocks!

What makes Sam so mean?

I’m a cantankerous feline but at 16, can you blame me? I have trouble hearing, I can’t smell my delicious fishy food any longer, my eyes are so clouded over I can barely see and I need my insulin shots twice a day. I know my owner is plotting against me, wishing I would stick my fork in the wall and go to that kitty litterbox up in the sky. But I’m such a stubborn old coot, I’m going to make it a good, long life just to annoy her. But I’m no so old I can’t see that troublemaker invading my territory! Hey you! Get out of my house! Darn kid. Thinks he’s so smart moving in. Kids now a’days….out running everything and not a lick of sense. Dumbass thinks it’s fun to play with a stupid ball in some round plastic thing. Waste of time if you ask me. Much better just curled up in my comfy bed sleeping. Now THAT’S quality time.

I’m a old mean kitty and damn proud of it! Now get off my lawn before I take a stick to you!

Submitted by: Amy D.