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Advice: Display of Poo

Friday, November 26th, 2010

Dear Meankitty,

It is obvious that you are the epitome of meanness. Apparently, the cats who own me have been reading your postings regularly. Even the kitten!! Smudge has begun to do some very rude things around the house—behind the tv, under all the beds, next to the litter box, in front of the bathtub, IN the bathtub, and even once on the kitchen counter! I have tried putting his food dish away after he eats so he doesn’t get the runs and go indiscriminately. He objected very loudly, as did the rest of the bosses.

They are also very upset that a stray un-altered male has been marking territory on their front door. In order to discourage him, they have decided to use the entryway floor for an alternative litterbox. This makes the slaves and the landlady insane!!! It also smells bad. Short of adopting this other male who sprays all over the place and should NEVER be in the house (we tried, he hates it), what should we do?


Slaves to Cleo, Hobbes, and Smudge (And probably BJ if he has his way about it)

Dear Slaves,

You can put a litterbox in the entryway, which isn’t pretty but might help out with the “display of poo” problem. Sounds like you need to get the stray “altered”, too. Of course, it’s taken us so long to update our advice page your many cats have probably already taken care of this situation for you and BJ is ruling the roost. Or Smudge. It’s always the one you’d least expect. Either that or you’re the one living out on the porch now.