Letters: HI, I AM SPAM

Dear You,

Hi, I am Spam. Spam I am. Do you like my crammy spam?

Dr. Spam


Dear Dr. Spam,

I do not like your crammy spam. I do not like it in my comments, I do not like it in my inbox. I do not like it here or there, I do not like it anywhere. That hammy spam, that slammy spam, I do not like that crammy spam. You suck dog food.



PS: Please quit asking why I didn’t post your comment and adding that all the other comments on this site are crap. Why does WP get SO MUCH MORE spam than other blogger programs I’ve used? Seriously. While we do have Askimet catching all the spam, it’s still a pile of dog vomit.

PPS: All the spam made me so mad I pooped in the floor last night. Now Food Slave hates you too.


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  1. The dogs are behind this. I just know they are.

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