Advice: Seriously, I’m Serious

Dear Meankitty,

What would make a loving neutered male cat that we’ve had for thirteen months start biting us? It starts out as play–jumping out at us and wrapping around a leg and nipping, then gets more vicious. We tried squirting water but this was taken as a challenge and he became more determined to bite. We usually resort to “time out” until he forgets about it. But that is a nuisance. Any advice?

Cat Lovers in KC


Dear Cat Lovers,

What about getting some of those police doggie training gloves? Biting should be fun for the whole family!

Ok, seriously. Oh, wait, I don’t have to be serious! I’m a cat!



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  1. Sharon says:

    13 months? Your cat is the equivalent of a teenager or, perhaps more accurately, a drunken fratboy college kid who, having lived away from home on your dime for 9 months or so and taken a few college classes, now is confident he knows more than you ever have or will. Neutered or not, he gets “excited” and wants to test his boundaries. I think all male mammals (and not a few female ones) seem to have an “obnoxious” phase hard-wired into them at about this point. Be patient, firm but kind, and it will pass.

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