Advice: More Kitties, Please

Dear Meankitty,

I love my cat more then words can say. I would love to share my life with another cat and be owned by it as well. I tried introducing my cat to another cat and it didn’t work. Does this mean my dream of being owned by two cats is not to be?

Whole Lotta Love


Dear Whole Lotta,

Maybe. Maybe not. I know my humans ARE NOT getting another cat as long as I’m in this incarnation, though. No way no how. Big D made the adjustment when I came to live here well enough and he’s such a big sturk he’d probably let other cats in too, but I’m not that much of a fat patsy.

So I guess it depends on how much of a fat patsy your cat is and whether you can find an amenable combination of cat to cat. Some say it’s easier if you have an adult cat to get a kitten of the opposite gender? Anyone else have words for Poor Whole Lotta?



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  1. Karrin says:

    Hey whole lotta – trust me it goes better if you get a kitten of the opposite sex. I was adopted by a partial feral male at work, then by a little female – they get along grand after a period of hissing, batting and general mayhem. Adso however is NOT digging the newest addition Loki, another male. This could change after Loki gets fixed…but I dunno. Loki terrorizes my biggy Iggy, so Adso may but be miffed he’s meaner than himself, and younger and fuzzier and funner [yes it’s a word] and snuggleyer [no it’s not but it sounds good].

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