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Advice: Multiple Cats

Dear Meankitty,

From the Cat Gallery, Miss Treat has given ample proof she does not want to live with other cats. Does anybody want a cat that is rotten on the outside, but a cream-puff on the inside?

For the experienced and fearless cat owner only — the kind that LIKES a wild animal, because it scares the poo out of friends….

Too Many Claw Marks


Dear Claw Marks,

Owning a cat is a big responsibility. Owning more than one cat is a bigger responsibility. Cats should rule your life and you just need to find a way to make Miss Treat happier. I know what I am talking about: I rule my Typing Slave’s life and it couldn’t make me happier. Even that dumb little pink human things that moved into the house aren’t as important as me.

So my advice is keep the cat. Keep all the cats. Get some more cats. See my advice to Pauline about how to deal with cat fighting.



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