Advice: Nacho Problem

Dear Meankitty,

My cat Nacho, is the cutest cat in the world. He loves to play & cuddle and has been really good to me. He is the first cat I have ever owned. Lately, I have noticed that he has been peeing in one of the corners of my living room & I can’t figure out why or how to make him stop that. Please help!!



Dear Rommina,

He might be mad because you gave him a name like Nacho. You could try putting an extra cat pan in the corner of your living room or spraying the area with Feliway or No-Go, products available from Drs. Foster and Smith or Petsmart. Or you could just learn to appreciate the fine kitty cologne that Nacho is sharing with you.



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  1. Sharon says:

    If this is a sudden change in potty behavior, it may indicate a urinary tract problem. A vet can check to make sure there is no health issue here, only incipient mean-kitty-ness.

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