Gallery: Vera Louise

Name: Vera Louise
Location: Unknown

Vera is a Meankitty

This is what Lisa sees when she opens her eyes every morning! Heehee!

What makes Vera so mean?

My name is Vera and I am as rotten as they come. I was found on a dirt road at the tender age of 3 weeks. I was nursed back to health by some girl. That’s what I call my human slave. I own a 12 yr old girl and my Drandma. Dram is the one who does all the pampering and such at my behest. I bite and scratch and hate almost all others. My boyfriend’s name is Teddy, and I even smack him around. What’s funny is he always comes back for seconds.

Lisa’s Note: Barney…or Vera….Barney….or Vera. Hard to decide who’s worse!

Photo submitted by: Lisa “Drandma” Book Worm

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